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Genuine and Authentic Essential Oils

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Agarwood - Arafura Dreaming #8904


 Arafura Dreaming - Agarwood from Papua steam distilled - 2 ml size available

Price: $0.00

Agarwood - Delem Collection #8891


The Delem Collection combines three complex and serious Agarwood oils from the depth of the Papuan and Borneo Jungle. Save $ 78 compared to the single oils. 3 x 2 ml.

Price: $395.00
Out of Stock

Agarwood - Tropical Meditation #8902


Tropical Meditation - Agarwood from Central Kalimantan (Borneo)

- 2 ml size available

Price: $120.80

Agarwood - Wayang Collection #8890


 Agarwood - Wayang Collection

The Wayang Collection combines three classic Agarwood styles fro three different Indonesian origns. Save $ 60 compared to the single oils. 3 x 2ml. $ 295

Price: $295.00
Out of Stock

Agarwood - Yijing's Bliss #8906


 Yijing's Bliss - Agarwoof from Papua (Cohobation) 2 ml size available

Price: $0.00



The highly original, balsamic and gentle aroma of Araucaria, also known as Candlewood stands out. The oil generally solidifies at room temperature to a waxy consistency and is ideal as a fixative for perfumes


Price: $0.00

Asian Standards Collection #8895


Classic oils from Asia provide some of the most important secondary metabolites at rather low cost. 5ml Benzoin, Litsea cubeba, Ho and Camphor

Price: $19.50
Out of Stock

Benihi #320


Research shows Benihi to be effective against a large variety of fungal conditions

Price: $0.00

Blue Lotus Absolute #722


Authentic Nymphea cerulea absolute from Sri Lanka

Price: $0.00

Blue Lotus Wax # 4722


The most heavenly fragrance for emotional and spiritual delight. Can be used neat and in blends

0.5 oz glass jar

Price: $39.00



CO 2 Extract. Anti-rheumatic, antispasmodic, memory enhancing

Price: $0.00



 Camphor - Cinnamomum camphora, camphor type. 5 ml size available

Price: $0.00

Cassia #315


Strongly antibacterial

Price: $0.00

Curcuma Collection #8896


Four different Turmeric oils/extracts

Price: $32.50



The Asian Cypress collection offers 5 ml each of three oils from trees grown and distilled in Taiwan

Price: $45.75



Classic in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Price: $14.90



Expectorant, stimulant tonicum with a wide range of other health benefits

Price: $0.00

Fenugreek #313


Please see details for more information

Price: $0.00



Please read the info about the 2016 crop before ordering! Boswellia serrata is the Frankincense indigeneous to India. It has recently been researched for its anti wrinkle properties among other things. 

Price: $0.00

Galangal #312


Galangal Root CO2 Extract has a large variety of therapeutic effects. See Details

Price: $0.00



Price: $11.60

Ginger Collection #8897


One 5 ml bottle each of fresh Ginger distilled, Ginger CO2 light and Ginger CO2 complete

Price: $28.50

Guggul #318


Anti-inflammative, cholesterol lowering, anti-diabetic.

Price: $0.00



 5 ml size available

Price: $9.60

Hinoki #319


Uplifting, strenghtens mental abilities and at the same time decongests the respiratory system.

Price: $0.00



 Ho - Cinnamomum camphora, linalool type. 5 ml size available

Price: $6.50



Powerful antioxidant, see DETAILS for more information

Price: $0.00

Lemongrass #158


Authentic and soft distillate from Cymbopogon flexuosus.  A fragrance unlike any other Lemongrass. 

Price: $0.00

Monsoon Collection #8888


Monsoon, three of the most emblematic fragrances welcome you to  the Asian fragrance universe!

Price: $195.00

Osmanthus #72


Sacred Fragrance from China

Price: $0.00
Out of Stock



 Classic Santalum album from India

Price: $0.00



Santalum spicatum from Australia

Price: $0.00



Santalum album from Australia

Price: $0.00

Sandalwood Hawaii #769


A most intriguing true Sandalwood

Price: $0.00



Sandalwood from New Caledonia

Price: $0.00

Schizandra chinensis #314


Antioxidant, liver detoxification, asthma, diabetes

Price: $0.00



There is a closed envelope with identifiers for each oil, but treat yourself to the experience of the classic fragrances used by the son of heaven, without knowing their names. Only open the envelope when you absolutely cannot suppress your curiosity any longer.

Price: $95.00

Taiwan Incense Cedar #321


Most precious Far Eastern sacred fragrance, powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal

Price: $0.00

The Resins Collection #8893


The resin Collection combines the major resins from the desert climates: Frankincense and Myrrh as well as Elemi from the tropical climates of the Phillipines

Price: $72.90

Turmeric #310


Anti-inflammative, antioxidant, detoxifying

Price: $0.00

Yuzu #83


Coldpressed Yuzu essential oil, refined and elegant. Encounters burn-out syndrome

Price: $0.00



 5 ml size available

Price: $5.80



Known as the White Turmeric. Purifying, healing and anti-inflammative. 

5 ml size available

Price: $13.90

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